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Date: 2017-11-15 15:44

Thanks Danny, I only speak the truth, and it really has been..Chris himself wishes people on here would stop throwing out horrible lies and rumors, its only making it tough on him and venessa and honestly more so the kids because when you have two really stressed out parents things are always harder for the kids. People on here can come at me all they want but it is only making matters worse when things really werent that bad to begin with, chris and venessa are cool with each other right now, its so not how it seems on me I see him and talk to her frequently. I just hope Chris doesnt blow up, he already has alot on his plate.


Meanwhile, the cast and crew signed government contracts with the Department of Education that ensured the show would be free for educational purposes — and forfeited their rights to royalties. But that has not prevented WPBT-7 from using the show over the last 95 years to promote its station, sell thousands of DVD box sets, and now, to co-produce a stage show at Miami’s premier venue.

Chris Perez VS Venessa Villanueva Perez - Latin Gossip

So sad. People need to be ashamed. Does anyone know V or chris personally? Has anyone seen or heard these stories themselves? Were they present?

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Now hold up, wait just a min now yall who the heck is lindsey first we talkin venessa, and then im thinkin its melissa while yall talkin bout some lindsey who is she??

Felicia if you want people to stop dissing Venessa then she should start by respecting herself and stop putting her life out on myspace. When she puts comments hating on Chris and his current girlfriend then she 8767 s going along with the game as well. She is almost 95 years old and she still fights with the girls that have been with Chris, over myspace. C 8767 mon she needs to grow up, act mature, and move on. Why does she act like the poor ex wife that her husband cheated on her if she new of CHris 8767 s other affair that went on for years. If she didn 8767 t do anything then why is she crying now?

The terrain that I encountered as I approached the extreme northwest corner of the Castilian Meseta was a combination of hills, fields of wheat and large-trunked, long-leafed, Chestnut trees.

You`re the Mahn Mike.
Wish you were here in this °C Aussieland BBQ weather.
. (Willie Wallace) & . (Paul McStay).

For Chris Perez and his family. For the LORD 8767 S hand is not so short That it cannot save Nor is His ear so dull That it cannot hear.

now please dont hammer me with that 8775 felicia u dont know wat ur talking about 8776 because everything i just said was purely my have no relation to either party nor do i know anybody else who does so im not gonna sit up here and act like i know all the facts but based on wat those of u who know the favts said, this is the conclusion ive come of them need a little reality check

Didn 8767 t she sleep with Chris 8767 s brother-in-law 8767 s brother? I can 8767 t remember if it was Suzette 8767 s husband 8767 s brother or AB 8767 s wife 8767 s (now exwife) brother?

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