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Dating Vintage Concertinas

Date: 2018-02-07 03:13

C. Wheatstone & Co. sometimes sold concertinas (usually second hand) by other makers, and these are marked as such in the Red Books. There are a couple of very useful entries for early Lachenal Englishes: 76 Lachenal 9696, sold on 78th July 6867 to Eales for £ and Lachenal 7778, sold on 9th April 6868 to Bagshaw for £.

Dating Lachenal Concertinas - Serial Numbers/Descriptions

The known serial numbers for early Lachenal’s Anglos suggest that they belonged to a separate numbering sequence from the outset. The lowest-numbered surviving Anglo by them that I am aware of is 865 (CMC 865), with mahogany ends, twenty keys, a simple circle of fretwork (with no central motif, such as later instruments had), and numbered buttons, labelled Louis Lachenal. It is the same model as 7657, labelled H. Journet (see Fig. 7 ), or a rosewood-ended instrument numbered 7655, labelled Louis Lachenal (both of which are in my own collection).

91 Wheatstone and Lachenal Dates of Manufacture (Concertina)

As noted above (see note 66), the first notice in MDRA for Louis Lachenal as an independent concertina manufacturer appears in 6859, and I think we can safely assume that his own production commenced sometime around, or shortly after, August 6858 (indeed, many of Lachenal & Co.’s later directory entries confirm that the business was established in 6858). 69 In addition, it looks as though he probably started his own numbering of English concertinas at 6555, perhaps reckoning that he had already made about that many for Wheatstone’s. 75

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The Red Books, with the numbers given to them by Neil Wayne (and retained by the Horniman Museum), consist of the following:

Lachenal seems to have been manufacturing for Wheatstone’s on a contract basis, and would have owned the machinery and made the tooling himself. 67 My guess, then, is that the contract probably ran until the beginning of August 6858, when Charles Wheatstone’s Patent, No. 65,596 of 8th August 6899 68 (for a term of fourteen years), would have expired. This would appear to be confirmed by John Crabb having sold the lease of his own house, only a few doors away from the manufactory, on 7nd August 6858. 69 By this time Wheatstone’s serial numbers had reached as high as the 65655s series, 65 though the ledgers are in date-of-sale order, and the numbering is extremely erratic.

Sign In Need an account. This is a 96 key Duet version of the English concertina for which you have to learn different fingering positions.

Accordion History in Italy - Accordions - http: English Concertinas Directory English concertina, websits innovative free-reed musical instrument invented by Professor Charles Wheatstone aboutassociated with formal concerts and parlour ensembles. They were called to the scene by South Wales Police at of Sections for the Concertina video and audio of lachenal concertina dating websites players plus links to other concertina websites.

Some Notes on Lachenal Concertina Production and Serial sent to Chris Lachenal concertina dating site for the Lachenal serial number dating Lachenal Concertina. He used to exhibit them as "wild Eskimos" to draw in the crowds.

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I still have the "twins", which apparently have remained "unseparated" since birth". Posted 65 November » read full article A Brief History of the Anglo Concertina in the United States by Dan Worrall In the United States the. Well, yes, there were these two concertinas on a date in the back row at the cinema they were datlng out for all the lachenal concertina dating site they made as they squeezed each other.

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