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Date: 2018-02-11 03:13

That is history. It is not current. We have become more civilized, where as groups claiming to be and support Islam are 8766 currently 8767 and openly committing crimes against humanity in the name of their religion. Do you understand this concept?

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Do you have a sign up that says management has a right to refuse service? It 8767 s your business, you have every right to refuse service to anyone.

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Uhm, I am an agnostic myself and I don 8767 t believe your are an
atheist. Nice try though, buddy.
An atheist would never defend a 8766 religion 8767 in which drinking alcohol and eating pork is worse than killing an unbeliever. It 8767 s in the koran and muslims voluntarily chose to follow it. Calling them violent, terrorist bigots and hypocrites thus only states the obvious.
Now go whining elsewhere, muslim.

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You lay a hand on my sons or try and burn my families house, and I would shove your head up your sphincter regardless of race religion creed or sexual orientation.

These things are true but so much additions and modifications were made by man to this truth for personal interests / reasons that now it is hard for good and intelligent people like you to easily believe these. These things we8re not introduced by Christianity, these were hijacked by the Christian profit makers using it for their own benefits not as they were instructed to be told by Allah Almighty (Real God).

8775 If you refer to individual acts of mass murder, yes many where done by white males, but were they done in the name of God? 8776 Are you kidding me? What on Earth does that matter? It makes absolutely no difference if someone murders hundreds/thousands of people in the name of God or because he hates the government. Terrorism is terrorism. Only a conservative would try to make that distinction with a straight face and honestly believe they 8767 re make sense.

True. she is too stupid to realize the case Jess mentioned would have had the same outcome if the guy had been black or Seminole. Plus, Jess posted that 9 months ago.

To understand why I am have a problem with Muslims using my facility, you must first consider the nature of my facility and the activities that take place here.

Way to hate Fransisco. Instead of making blank statements to someone 8767 s post, why don 8767 t you try to act in an intelligent manor and explain to the person 8775 Why 8776 they should not have the same protections that you have.
Personally, I think that you haven 8767 t had and probably won 8767 t have an original thought in your life. Emotional responses like yours are just about as worthless as a 8 dollar bill, you can 8767 t buy anything with it and it makes you look more stupid than the person you are ranting about.

in 6975 to 6985 that was the same things about jew in europe -you wanna get a little famous attack jew make fun of them etc etc- we in the same era so now you think almost 7 billion muslims are killers,and blaming islam for terrorist its like blaming christianity for colonialism slavery and pedofilia..?!?!
we should live toghether and those who wanna promote their business with hate and racism of one race or another have no future in the twenty century

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