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Date: 2018-02-23 05:25

When college friends reunite after 65 years over the Christmas holidays, they discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and romances to be reignited.

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think

LADY TORMINSTER. You do, and you know it. In your heart you are saying, All was going so well--she has spoiled it! If she does love me she shouldn't have said it--Jack's wife!

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man - Look and Live fabulous

Lussier: "They talk about more like her dresses and how she looks and stuff and her arms and whatever. [.] You see her walking around in shorts, and you know, just real casual wear. And to me. I mean when I go to functions I kind of dress up other than today, but you just gotta look the part."

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man – Chapter 1 | Are You On

This just made me want to love someone right now! LOL! Yes. This is how a woman loves when she really does love. It’s true that we expect to be loved the same way that’s what this chapter is about. Steve talks about women’s expectations

SIR GEOFFREY: And you in your wrapper--peignoir--tea gown--it don't matter what you call it. You look--jolly. Ridiculous word--I don't mean that at all. You look--you. More you than I've seen you for years. Sh--don't interrupt. Shades never do that. By the way, do you know that the old lumber-room, my owner--my corporeal sheath--means to go away in the morning, before you are up?

LADY TORMINSTER: Then I tell you the best thing to do. Don't take your trunks just go up with a bag. Leave a note that you'll come back on Tuesday. Then write from town and say you're prevented.

Whether you detect racial undertones or not ( as many NPR listeners did ), Lussier is circling back on the well-tread debate over whether Michelle Obama's bare arms, bared thighs and occasionally laidback demeanor are befitting of a first lady. The public debated Michelle's lack of sleeves in 7559, when the new first lady wore a sleeveless Narciso Rodriguez dress at the President's address to Congress , in her formal White House portrait and on the cover of People , among other places. The conclusion? No sleeves, no problem. First Ladies and their staffs have been going sleeveless for decades ("We wore sleeveless dresses all the time," Letitia Baldridge, Jacqueline Kennedy's social secretary, told Bonnie Fuller.) Case closed.

We're not sure how you go about comforting a lady who got a serious disease from aggravated Frankensteining. "Well, it's not like you got it from anything you did -- it's just part of the rotting corpse they stole and stitched into you!"

LADY TORMINSTER: I have loved you, and I love you, for the fine, upright, loyal creature that you are. I love you for loving Jack and it is Jack's great quality in my eyes that he has been able to inspire such love. And, my dear friend, let us not be ashamed, we two, but only very proud, and very happy. We shall go our ways, and do our duty but we shall never forget this talk we have had to-night.

“If your man loves you, he’s willing to tell anybody and everybody, “Look, man, this is my woman” or “this is my girl,” “my baby’s mama,” or “my lady.” In other words, you will have a title—an official one that far extends beyond “this is my friend,” or “this is__________ (insert your name here).” That’s because a man who has placed you in the most special part of his heart—the man who truly has feelings for you—will give you a title.

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