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Date: 2017-11-16 01:38

i do support temporary diet changes. for example, every now and again, i will do a one week vegan or vegetarian detox diet (my vegetarian detox is more like i don 8767 t eat straight up meat i 8767 ll eat egg whites and chicken broth). often, i will crave certain things throughout it. most recently, i did a one week vegetarian detox and didn 8767 t crave anything. the time before that, i did a one week vegan and craved eggs. before that, i did a two week vegan and craved mayo.

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This is my biggest problem with vegetarianism/veganism. It produces an culture of elitism. You may not enjoy eating meat but that does give you the right to piss on everyone who does.

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Shame about that one particular experience with that one girl, though as you said she was lovely there must surely have been several positives from the experience. Maybe next time you see her it 8767 ll be her time to buy dinner? 😛
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thank you for this intelligent comment
It 8767 s sad that people have to try to make themselves feel better about there shitty pain inflicting diets by bashing a vegan diet which is perfectly natural and has every nutrient you need.

Thank you for sharing your story about your journey to finding peace, happiness and health. It is so inspirational and I really admire your strength and courage to leave your job and to start your own business. You 8767 re beautiful inside and out! :)

Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD was one of the first to identify the role of pyrrole disorder and copper toxicity in certain mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia. Dr. Pfeiffer compiled a database of more than 75,555 schizophrenics and was the first to categorise the mental illness in terms of individual “biotypes”.

Anti-nuclear hysteria has seen several countries, including Germany and Japan, implement plans to shut down their nuclear plants following the Fukushima 8775 disaster 8776 a disaster in which literally no one was killed , and which will have negligible long term effects. Billions of dollars of infrastructure is being sacrificed because the left has panicked, and spineless politicians have given in to their delusions.

Agreed not to mention it is said that meat is a slow digesting food whereas fruits and veggies aren 8767 t plus since becoming vegan I don 8767 t think of turning to junk like Cheetos or processed crap. Because I am getting all the natural sugars from fruits and all the energy I need from veggies as well

Most grocery stores display the unit price for each item, but a lot of grocery stores also display the price per weight for items. Use this to compare prices between brands and different sizes of products. If your grocery store doesn 8767 t list price per weight, consider using a calculator to compare prices. Often times, the 8775 cheaper 8776 option can turn out to be more expensive by weight.

Where was everybody when farmers, agricultural and environmental organizations who humanely raised and killed livestock, grew diversified crops, and fought against pesticides and Monsanto were asking people to help keep their farms [whether by direct donation, the consumer dollar vote, or political votes against deregulation]? Quite a few prevalent health problems we face today could have been prevented by keeping our food sources simple and clean.

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