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Date: 2018-02-07 11:56

Someone asked would I date a Russian Man; answer too late already have dated a Russian Man; when I was in USA Navy; I had a Russian Boyfriend. He was a very nice man; he treated me like a Princess. All women should have at least one Russian Boyfriend in their life; because Russian men are:

1. Great boyfriends/husbands
2. Great providers/hard workers
3. Amazing fathers
4. Very Romantic and attentive
5. Loving, kind, sexy, thoughtful, respectful


🎤Of Mice & Men : Alt.Metal / Post-Hardcore / USA

Album: Defy
Release Date: Январь 19, 2018
Label: © 2018 Rise Records
Music Tracks: 12

🎸Ровный техничный релиз. Песня "Back To Me" - отрыв башки на орбиту..
Крутой релиз, жалко не ультра инновационный.. Начало Sunflower эдакое чуть измененное начало папа роучевской Blood Brothers.. 😏