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Date: 2018-02-09 22:51

The parents will have cation signs that indicate that there are children in the car oh yeah and the obnoxious 8775 My Child is an perpetual honor roll student at St. Alexander (or other saint) Middle School 8776

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What about the truck/SUV window-stickers with a boy pissing on the logo of the competition? Different kind of sticker but something white (trash) people love too.

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Fool. You are the LAST of your species. The Democratic party has fully identified itself as being the anti-white party.

RedCent, please note that your comment clearly identified you as a 8775 white person 8776 🙂 according to the rigorous criteria of this blog.

Prove it, oh great one. Citations, I want citations. Name the names, if it was in the newspaper, produce the name of the paper and date. If it was published, produce it. You have a liberal use of quotation marks but no citations, what the hell.

Japan doesn 8767 t have to deal with it. Funny thing is, Canada& the UK were never a slave owning nations, yet they sought 8775 diversity 8776 and now they have racism and all the failed bureaucracies that try to 8775 manage 8776 it.

Only two bratty kids? I live in Utah and those are very popular, except here you see up to six stick figure kids on SUVs and minivans. It spans half of the rear window.

It 8767 s going to get WORSE in the US, UK, and Canada not better. This election as been more about 8775 Race 8776 than any other in history. This is the new paradigm we are forced with, by the liberals who don 8767 t understand anything about history.

Ah yes! A nice, discreet but still eminently visible clear plastic sticker affixed to the inside of the back window, right above the brake light, is very popular. Especially if it announces 8775 Harvard College 8776 or 8775 Stanford University, 8776 etc. Not so much in the case of less-prestigious schools.

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