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Date: 2018-02-15 07:35

I say this because it is simply amazing to see some of the brutish ogres with terrible pics and yet who have a long list of 8775 must haves 8776 in a man. With a pinch of arrogance for good flavor.

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They dont walk around bragging about swaggering around with guns on their side, how great their wives and kids are and how alpha they are.

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here 8767 s a point about online dating that 8767 s always confused me: what the fuck is with those girls who are on a DATING site yet have all that 8775 just looking for friends 8776 or 8775 seeing someone 8776 . really pisses me off. more attention whoring probably?

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From TV, to video games, to our schools, to entire society is based on the idea of passively receiving information and then accepting it without question.

And last, you don 8767 t get to define how I should act as a 8775 real man 8776 . I make those determinations, and nobody else.

Probably because he was attention-seeking like an Americunt (something that would warrant many negative peer evaluations). I also found from SOCNET that he had a range safety violation. So aside from being unsound around firearms and a burdensome teammate, I 8767 m sure he was a superb candidate. I wouldn 8767 t presume to have intimate knowledge of your former profession so I suggest you don 8767 t claim to do the same with mine.

I see a bunch of woman that are fat, ugly, don 8767 t take care of themselves and expect 8775 Soul Mates 8776 and 8775 Prince Charming. 8776 They 8775 want kids 8776 or 8775 have kids. 8776 Very appealing.

Nothing about feminism is about power at all and it is so obvious that its part of a socialist agenda to make everyone dependents on the nanny state. My theory is that alpha men were designed to mate with alpha females. We dont even know what an alpha female looks like because it involves them improving themselves dilligently in all areas of life like alpha men. Shitty women encourage men to stay shitty/beta and holds society back.

Desirable girl : “I go on a bunch of first dates and none of these guys are up to my standards. Where are all the good men ? 8776

And yet, can you really blame marginalized people for seeking out safety and comfort? In 7559, OkCupid released a "Race Report." According to their heteronormative data, women using their site "penalized" (their word) Asian and black men. Male non-black users "applied a penalty to black women." A follow-up study in 7569 indicated that users had become no more-open minded than they used to be if anything the racial bias had intensified.

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