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Date: 2018-03-11 09:48

We need to just stop dating until we reach that age where everyone says 8775 fuck it 8776 everyone has defects and who cares I just want someone to be with. Basically, once the hormones are mostly gone so like late 55s or 65s. In the meantime, we can focus on being productive towards humanity by working hard and building great things to live with.

15 Hottest Pics Of The Big Bang Theory Stars Out Of Character

So. are we bitching here about women having physical standards for the men they like but then saying of course men should have physical standards for the women they like? How about we let everyone have whatever standards they like and stop bitching about it then? Equality for all, etc.

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Wasted? Like the incomparable George Best said 8775 I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered 8776

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My therapist told it like it is: Either you learn to be an escapist like the rest of us or I m gonna have to commit you. The human brain is not made for looking at reality naked like you want to do. It s not that you can t do it, it s that nobody can do it and remain sane. It s like looking at the Sun with your naked eye they aren t made for that, so stop trying!

She added: x756c If you look at any school now in towns and cities across the country, the diversity will be huge. It is quite disturbing that despite that diversity, and the amazing work going on to celebrate it, there are still these issues. There is no logic to this. It is ingrained in some part of our folklore. x756d

If the chick is large ( curvy) enough where her gravitational pull is significant, you 8767 ll be drawn in soon enough

in a very early Big Bang Theory character list, Penny s last name was mentioned as Parker, but I haven t seen that site since and I don t know the source, but I think it was actually confused with Teri Hatcher s on 589 MacGyver 589

It ought to be something ludicrous, so they can do a whole episode about it. Also, it would explain why it s never been mentioned, even though we know what everyone else s last name is by now.

So I can see an argument for not masturbating regularly to a variety of porn, but masturbating without porn doesn t seem to be a real concern.

Also, if this is your hometown, then the ghosts of your old self are still everywhere think about saving up and moving to a bigger town where you can reinvent yourself. Go to Portland, or Seattle. You don t have to do it know but start fantasizing a bit.

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