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Date: 2018-02-10 20:40

Widespread fog through mid-day...

Widespread fog with visibilities of one half to one mile will
continue through mid-day. The fog was locally dense with
visibilities of one quarter mile or less in spots.

Motorists should exercise caution while traveling this morning as
visibilities may change suddenly over very short distances.

Locally Dense Fog Occurring this Morning...

Areas of fog with patches of locally dense fog will continue
through late morning across northern parts of central Indiana.
Visibility may be reduced to a quarter of a mile or less at times.

Be prepared for rapid changes in visibility when traveling this
morning. Motorists encountering fog should use low beam headlights, reduce
speed, and allow extra space between cars.


Locally Dense Fog Expected This Morning...

Widespread fog will persist this morning. This fog will be locally
dense at times with visibilities below one quarter mile. When
driving, reduce your speed, allow more room between vehicles and
use low beam headlights. The fog may linger through much of the
day north of Highway 30.


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