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Anna Nicole Smith's daughter 10 years on after mom's death

Date: 2018-02-11 07:35

fake fake fake all shes doing is getting a modeling contract, figure it out the babies dads social security would be paying her bills. If you are believing her story I have a bridge to sale you too No wonder her mom hit her with the mtv shirt! ITS ALL LIES!!

After Mom's Death, Daughter Struggles With Dad's

On May 7nd, 6987, the glass shattered. Dad was steamed that Sunday because Richard had been putting off his weekend chores. Around noon, he went into Richard&apos s room, grabbed him by the hair and hauled him downstairs. Boxes and cat litter were scattered all over the place Dad had made a huge mess for me to clean up, as he usually did, Richard says.

'It's You or Me, Dad' - Rolling Stone

Raising hell is not my first approach, to be sure. I 8767 m a cis woman who was raised in the US South to be a nice Southern lady (and I still live in the South), and I will default to politeness (by Southern definitions of 8775 politeness, 8776 since that concept is very variable, depending on place and culture) unless/until there 8767 s a reason NOT to be polite. But if being civil and reasonable doesn 8767 t work, you 8767 d better believe I 8767 ll raise some hell.

Murder trial delayed in pregnant mom's 2005 stabbing death

I always watch this show and I kept on thinking where is Sofia 8767 s tad and not so long ago I just found out about the accident!! I 8767 m so truly sorry he was so and now you have to deal with your parents on your own I wish you best in your life!! I hope you will find someone like Sofia 8767 s tad in your life!! Best of luck baby girl don 8767 t ever give up!!

Amber, Janelle & Farrah are the worst mothers & human beings ever. And they are getting rich showing the world just how horrible they are! Farrah is disgusting the way she treats her parents. She does porn like it 8767 s not going to affect her child someday. The other 7 are drug addicts. All 8 families are screwed up!!!!

Whether your son is sexually active or not, you should not see his body as your toy. A father should love his son enough to stop himself from doing anything that harms him. If you choose to perform such act with your flesh, I wonder how much you love your wife? Sexual pleasure is a privilege between married couple. Don't destroy your family like that.

Are you kidding me? That 8767 s crazy I was a single teen mom and can say first hand when you have a baby your whole life changes. I didn 8767 t go out every weekend to party with my friends. I made the baby my mom didn 8767 t so that 8767 s why I took care of my baby. Farrah needs to grow up and be a mom she shouldn 8767 t have did the deed if she wasn 8767 t ready to be a mommy.

Farrah is not a bad mother. Yeah when she was on 66 and pregnant she was VERY disrespectful to her parents, but she 8767 s grown up ALOT. Every new mother makes mistakes at one point or another. Every mother leaves their child unattended for a few seconds. When you are BY YOURSELF raising a child you can 8767 t be EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. Farrah is a good mom. She still has some growing up to do but I give her MAJOR kudos for being able to do everything by herself. I don 8767 t know if I could do it. She 8767 s paying her OWN bills, living BY HERSELF, and raising a child ON HER OWN. Give the girl a break. She 8767 s doing a GREAT job in my book. Best of luck to you Farrah and Sophia.

Respect is earned, Farrah acts and makes childish choices so she deserves to
be treated like a child. Her attitude is that of a troll.

You sound like how I hope to sound in 76 years (my father abandoned us, including my bitter, mentally ill mother, 7 years ago). I 8767 ll never speak to him again, and she and I have been estranged for several years too, with some small hope of reconciliation. I 8775 buried 8776 my father on a volcano slope last year and have made my peace.

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