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I think you 8767 re right. The most successful/rich/prosperous/inventive nations appear to be mostly homogenous: Japan,Switzerland, Scandinavia , New Zealand ,Australia, Europe ( for now )

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78 Jor Bangala Temple at Bishnupur near Bankura in West Bengal: Specimen of remarkable sculpture and architecture.

Savage moment Bengal tigers kill a rare white tiger

The primary reason India was doomed was due to the population getting too complacent. Keep in mind that India was the richest country in the world during the early Middle Ages. ( 8775 according to economic historian Angus Maddison in his book Contours of the world economy, 6–7585 AD: essays in macro-economic history, India had the world 8767 s largest economy during the years 6 AD and 6555 AD 8776 ). There was a reason why all the Europeans wanted to form new trade routes to it.

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Mr. Hanno, I 8767 m not a history buff, but this article is full of
factual errors and misrepresentation. This article is BS and is why
certain Indians are angered and very critical of non-Indian historians
on the subject (eg. starting with Max Mueller). Please refer to the
section 8775 Dangers of the Theory, 8776 at this http:///aryan- if you are unfamiliar with this sentiment.

6) Sanskrit origins of the term India/Sindh/Sindhu
Sindhu, The Indus River http:///wiki/Sindhu
From the Sanskrit Noun Sindhu http:///wiki/%E5%A9%B8%E5%A9%BF%E5%A9%A8%E5%A5%8D%E5%A9%A7%E5%A5%86#Sanskrit
Likely from the Sanskrit verb Sedahith (also on the link for the noun Sindhu)

That is, perhaps, the only real downside to the internet. Now the vocal idiots have the same loud voices as the astute, and 8766 wading through garbage to get to gems 8767 has become far, far more difficult. It 8767 s not that there are not the same proportion of gems to garbage as before, it 8767 s that now, instead of the rare gem at the bottom of a pile of crap, you have a horde of gems buried under mountain ranges of stupidity the proportions may be the same, but most people do not have the fortitude or mental tools to excavate a mountain of bullshit just to get to the treasure trove beneath.

If India was buddhist, it could be argued that things would 8767 ve been different in its history very much like China, which still stayed strong. Religion (or lack of it) plays a vital role in people 8767 s future and fate, and India 8767 s history (with its blue pill faiths) is no exception.

Welfare states have a similar effect on human evolution, making each generation stupider, lazier and more fecund than the last, until the state goes bankrupt and the streets are littered with frozen corpses.

Or pursue a career with the intent to make a difference! Make a difference in whatever you do! I 8767 ve seen all sorts of great moms and dads bring up rotten children.

I love to point to India, as well as Brazil and Russia, whenever the 8775 Diversity is our Strength 8776 crowd starts rambling on about how multilingual, multicultural, multi-ethnic, multi-everything, somehow makes a country strong despite all evidence to the contrary.

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