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Classifieds: CBS Chicago

Date: 2018-02-13 03:13

Tabernarios - Lml (2018)

TABERNARIOS is a band that cultivates old school rock in its purest form. It is so, since the end of 2001, it has been a pioneer, setting the tone in the Chilean scene in this style, based on the power of its music and an unprecedented staging in the national rock scene. From that year to date,...


Это говорила не только она, и ее твит, кстати, был вскоре удален.

"At the signing, Olson said she was talking with Ward, figuring out characater motivation and other kind of actor-y things, regarding a scene between her and Princess Bubblegum. When he said to her, “You know they dated, right?"
But sadly, that doesn't mean there will be any on screen romance probably ever. Olivia said that she asked Pendelton this: ‘Are they going to do it on the show at all, or can we say anything about it in the book?” Pendelton's responsed: "I don’t know about the book, but in some countries where the show airs, it’s sort of illegal."