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Date: 2018-02-07 01:02

He had been acting flakely all week so I told him that it was over, and that I couldnt handle it. Immediately, I ate my words apologised, called no answer. I have sent a few messages and called since and nothing. This was two weeks ago.

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I am starting to realize that as I get older, men have more to offer for us 85 s-plus ladies. They are often sweeter, more romantic, more flexible, more fun, more active, more fit and possess fewer hang-ups than men our own age. Also older men are more jaded and hang onto baggage.

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Hi, Eve. Thank you for sharing your story. It s a great mindset to have, and as long as you are honest with each other and above all you are honest with yourself about setting your expectation for the near and more distant future, you both should enjoy what you have while you have it.

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Hi about once a week after three or four months of dating? At whAt point is it ever okay to see each a little more? My ex called me this week. He called just to see how I was done. I have to admit that my life is good right now. No real complaints! However, I still miss him. I would never tell him this but I often wonder what was his real reason for breaking up. my question is when would you reconcile with an ex? By the way, we never had sex!

Harris indicates that he still agrees with his kissing dating goodbye book. He also indicates he doesn’t like the way OTHER people (not him or probably his church) have used his approach.

so that was last Wednesday night, after dinner we made out at my place and he slept next to me for a few hours before he had to leave. He said there would be a party in May that he wants to take me to, and I could “pretend to be his gf.” Then he immediately changed and said, ” not pretending, I will call you my gf.” He also said that he would get pissed if another guy hits on me. The final conclusion is we would hold hands walking into the party so everyone knows I am with him, aka I am taken. He showed to be possessive of me, even though he has not officially asked me to be his gf.

The fact you wrote, I may never get over it, tells me you like the idea of the emotional intimacy which is why I wrote the second paragraph. It appears you want the closeness of emotional intimacy and **** buddies will give you the opposite.

Although i still think the dignified nimber two individual should swallow the bitter pill and prode and be generous to tell the person they are dating what is up. Instead of disappearing.
I have come across such a generous, good man once in my life and he is the only ex i have stayed friends with. He cared to tell me he was not interested over coffee, and from hia oint of view what i should stop doing. In a week i was over him. Compare it to two others who disappeared with no explanation- took me months and im still not completely over one of them.

As I schlep my bags of clothes up to Sarah’s pre-war walk-up, I start to worry that, as a size 67, I’ll be the biggest woman there and nobody will want my offerings. But there’s no turning back now.

There is this guy who I see often but have never actually spoken to. The only contact has really been him indirectly talking to me. One time he told someone that I was a 8775 good kid 8776 , when I was standing right next to him.

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