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Date: 2018-02-10 18:29

Most of the guys here totally love women. If they didn 8767 t why would they go looking for methods to get more of them.

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It is unlikely that balanced individuals with good self-esteem resort to this kind of dysfunctional existence. Certainly, one 8767 s mother, sisters and daughters shouldn 8767 t be sinking to that level. Thus Caz 8767 s argument holds no water.

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6. “Dude, I never mentioned men in general on POF.” You don’t HAVE to explicitly mention something in order for the audience to establish intent. You seem to think that it’s “all the man’s fault” if he is not getting responses. In fact, whether a man is “nice” or not is moot in the online dating world. Every man that enters POF faces the same challenge of women who believe they are far greater than they really are. POF is filled with princesses that think they are too good anything but the perfect man.

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POF forums are clearly biased to support the misguided views of the feminist leftover chief moderator, whether one sees it or pretends not to.

absolutely horrible.. I believe its the other way around.. every man I chat with is either a loser or a drunk but its very entertaining.. the person or people who wrote this article are a perfect example of loser 8767 s and drunks

People often look for a way to search POF by name, opposed to searching by username. There is, for obvious reasons, no Plenty Of Fish name search available. Most users of online dating sites would like to keep some level of anonymity. Having a Plenty Of Fish name search where real names of people who are dating on the site would be the big brother of internet dating. Having a name search would let anyone simply google your name and find your dating profile. This does not sound too appealing, does it?

Suzanne Hill was battered unconscious in June last year by David Jennison, who then tied her up inside a sleeping bag and left her in a pool of blood for her son to find

Recently l Fell Sick and my Doctor told me that from all the test conducted on my health, I am not going to last long, especially, due to my Throat cancer and stroke. But what disturbs me most now is stroke.

Boohoo! Sam is a fake 8775 guy 8776 created by one of the feminists here that don 8767 t have a real argument and instead resorts to trolling. NONE of 8775 Sam 8776 s post are 8775 on point 8776 and you know it.

Women come all hottie and sexy and slutty. They 8767 ll suck you and beg for anal and do most anything you can imagine, and some things you didn 8767 t even think of.

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