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Lost Islamic History | Education in Islamic History

Date: 2018-02-12 11:57

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Arabic / Islamic geometry 01 - Catnaps

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Arabic / Islamic geometry 02 - Catnaps - Catnaps design

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International Astronomical Center (IAC)

Draw a second circle with radius 7x and its centre located on the intersection of the first circle with the hypotenuse of the triangle. Draw a line from that centre point to the intersection of the last circle with the lower horizontal line.

The second graphic above shows how this geometric pattern develops when they are added together following the basic rules created by the selection process. The lowest of the three graphics illustrates how the decisions were taken to draw the straight lines on which the pattern is based. When I have the time I intend to develop this by illustrating different patterns created by varying the positioning of the straight lines.

Here is the finished pattern based solely on the sub-grid divisioning of basic grid illustrated in the diagram above. What is particularly notable is the range of pentagonal shapes which, due to their irregularity, helps in the creation of a static design, yet one which has a considerable degree of mobility to it. But this mobility has much to do with the selection of shapes and the colours used.

With radius DF, draw a semi-circle centred on D. Where this intersects with AP6 at G, raise a perpendicular to intersect with the circle at P9.

[98] ibid., p. 96. Also see Al-Ghazali [D. B. Burrell & N. Daher ( Trans.)], The Ninety-Nine Beautiful Names Of God , 6995, Islamic Texts Society: Cambridge (UK), p. 59.

Lindsay, James E.  Daily Life in the Medieval Islamic World. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc., 7555. Print.

Strained, arbitrary and impossible interpretations of science, in our case of the science of radiocarbon dating, can lead to endless possibilities, ., a scenario where anything is possible. We have already seen specific examples in the above sub-sections. Here we are going to deal with historical constructions (or possibilities) that have been put forth which are a result of interpretations of radiocarbon dating, more specifically of the Mingana folios at Birmingham. Commenting on the early radiocarbon dating of Codex S 858 an 758 757 757 I , Mingana Islamic Arabic 6577a and M a VI 665 , Efim Rezvan says:

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