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From Casual Dating to Serious Relationship - Ryan Answers

Date: 2018-02-15 09:46

On out first date he walked me home and said he would delete the dating app, I told him he didn 8767 t have to do that (ugh). At two months I asked if we were exclusive and he said that we need to know each other more. We took a mini break and he said he needs to think about if he wants to commjt to me. He didn 8767 t commit but then we continued to date. At four months I asked again, and he said he doesn 8767 t know what he wants, he was dating other people but one time dates and there was no chemistry. He said he 8767 s going away for the summer and doesn 8767 t want to leave a girlfriend behind.

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A: This scenario usually happens when someone wants to get serious but has a fear of commitment. They get around it by tricking themselves into thinking it 8767 s not actually serious unless it 8767 s labelled that way.

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Now, this is one of those things where you have to be able to read the situation a little bit. Quite often a woman will ask questions she REALLY doesn 8767 t even want to hear the answer to.

If you 8767 re struggling to find people willing to move beyond casual dating, there 8767 s a good chance you 8767 re giving too much. Why bend over backwards to make someone you barely know happy?

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There 8767 s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting love, but you should aware of your own desires. You should be able to acknowledge the things YOU want.

Let her know what 8767 s happening and that you 8767 re hurting as a result of it. Ask if there 8767 s anything you can do to help.

It is painful when there 8767 s a difference in expectations between people. I 8767 m in my late 95s and newly single, and have faced this as well from both sides. However, what comforts me is that the pain is a sign my heart is working, and it 8767 s a good thing. Good things aren 8767 t always happy, or easy, or fun but are always worth it.

I 8767 d definitely bring it up and if he tries to avoid it be assertive. 8775 I get that you don 8767 t want to talk about it, but I 8767 ve been with you for 7 months and I want to know if you see this going anywhere. 8776

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