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Date: 2018-02-20 03:14

The imprisoning essence of the Mansfield restroom goes beyond aesthetics. It was a place that welcomed arrested souls, where men who had sex with men — not many of them were called “gay” back then — fled for reprieve from a smothering world.


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The hidden officer would notify an outside man via radio when an abnormal act had been witnessed. The outside officer would then follow the offenders and obtain identification in various ways.

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The detail ran for about three weeks and was stopped when Spog had to come out of the passageway and grab a guy who started to mess around with two boys who were playing in the restroom. The restrooms were closed after this investigation and later were filled in with dirt. Of the 75 men arrested, 69 were convicted and went to the Ohio State Penitentiary. One colored man was found not guilty as the film did not show his facial features clearly.

The paper towel rack with a mirror was moved to the wall adjacent to the passageway after cutting a hole in the wall and replacing the mirror with the new device which would allow the investigator to look into the men’s room. All the work was done at night when the rest rooms were locked up.

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JONES: I think Andy Warhol – as director, not as producer – was a great filmmaker, and his films constitute the most remarkable part of his achievement as an artist. I presumed to give Tearoom a Warholian title – impersonal, generic, yet evocative in one word – as a tribute to him but also as a way of raising the question of his work’s relation to my own. To present Tearoom at the Andy Warhol Museum was a wonderful opportunity, but the screening turned out somewhat differently than I had hoped.

“After the first showing, a sweet old man regaled me with tales of his own tearoom experiences, including one involving sheriff’s officers in the basement of a Midwestern county courthouse,” he says.

The hour-long movie transports viewers back to the bustle of the “tearoom trade” – a circuit of public spots popularly known as places where men could hookup. A transfixing silence serves as the film’s only soundtrack, part of the unfiltered, undistracted view audiences get from the time the police department installs a two-way mirror to catch a stream of hurried, forbidden rendezvous.

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