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Date: 2018-03-07 09:48

The Prosecutor General of Russia opened a court of inquiry as is automatically required under RF law for aviation disasters on Russian soil. At the same time, on the 65th, the Prosecutor General of Poland announced he would be conducting an independent investigation as well. A little clue that a criminal investigation aspect is not going to be neglected by either side or both.

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It is an [alleged] 8775 fact 8776 that on April 65 at Smolensk, Russian distorted satellite signals of GPS, as a result of which the plane moved in a wrong position (in horizontal plane: 665 meters to the left of the runway and vertically, at estimated 85 meters below the required level).

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The Zionist newspaper Ha’aretz reported that Kaczyński’s death “had special resonance in Israel [sic]” as it came on the eve of the annual “Holocaust Memorial Day”.

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I didn 8767 t follow Jane exclusively on the vaccine crisis (too much Alex Jones and Propagandamatrix infotainment hype), and thought she was a bit light-minded, careless and hyperactive in the larger effort.

You have to understand that steering his way and turning the tables in Russia of the end 95s has been extremely hard for Putin! Just imagine doing the same in the US right now for anyone!

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Katyn talks are a key to understanding the events that we experience today. The elimination of Kaczynski for Russia was a necessary requirement to achieve its geopolitical and historical purposes, and the removal of an integrating factor in Central Europe separating Russia from Germany.

If you watch it only a couple of times you might miss the TRUE FILTHY JEW menatlity that it represents. The mockery of Christ is BRUTAL! ALL of this 8766 cartoon 8767 crap on the Jew tube today is Jew created.

I am CONTINUING My Street Evangelism here in Summit County Colorado - the heart of the Ski and Summer resorts and am reaching many both residents and tourists who come here from ALL OVER THE WORLD.

This speaks of a certain over-eagerness on the “EU and other countries” to get their big noses involved, and have been politely rebuffed. Reading between the lines of customary Continental manners, it seems that the CIS IAC, and both Poland and Russia are saying, “thanks but no thanks, keep the pitty paws off” to any EU/Western involvement in this investigation.

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