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Date: 2018-03-09 01:04

Even if you were separated, decent people don 8767 t date the immediate family members of their estranged spouses, at least without the full knowledge that they are hurting their estranged spouse horribly and their estranged spouse has every right and reason to burn figures of them in effigy forever.

5Changes I Made As A Single Mom That Make Me A Better Mom

I dunno, this sounds a lot like mean stuff her mom or her husband has said to her that she 8767 s repeating in a self-deprecating way.

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COME ON PEOPLE. If the LW and her husband had perfectly amicably said, 8775 You know what, this isn 8767 t working out, let 8767 s get a divorce 8776 it would be BEYOND FUCKED UP for him to fuck (and move in!) her MOTHER. I mean it would be fucked up on both the husband and the mother 8767 s parts. And guess what? Even though that isn 8767 t how things went down, it 8767 s still EXTREMELY fucked up.

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87. A great marriage doesn 8767 t happen because of the love you had in the beginning, but how well you continue building that love until the end.

(If I 8767 m remembering right, Laux and Addonizio are friends who met at the same writer 8767 s workshop or class. They know. Whatever it is you 8767 ve gone through or are going through, they know.)

69. Always strive to give your spouse the very best of yourself not what 8767 s left over after you have given your best to everyone.

I have so many questions, like, do you hang out, ever? Do you talk, ever? What was the long-term plan for your marriage? Did your husband know that plan? Did he know whether you ever wanted to come back from living with this most recent dude? When you agreed to an open marriage, did you both envision a situation where either or both of you would move out for long periods of time? What does 8775 normal 8776 or 8775 the desired outcome 8776 for your marriage look like to y 8767 all? Have you had a 8775 Hey, this isn 8767 t really working 8776 conversation before now?

Learning to accept each other 8767 s flaws and living with them, forgiving one another, and sharing and growing the love, is what make marriage so special.

It 8767 s okay if we delete it now it will be back like a hydra and I can deal with whatever comes more than I can with 655 identical 8775 did you catch this on Reddit 8776 comments. 🙂

7. January Jones:  “People keep saying, ‘Oh poor you, being a single mom ,’ but I don’t want to be pitied. I can do anything I want to do. I work, I date, I have friends. I have time for everything I had time for before. I just have an added amazing thing in my life. I have a great family and friends, and I know they’d be there if I needed help, but I feel like I’m doing fine on my own.”

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