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Date: 2017-11-15 14:48

So glad to have come across your blog! I am planning to come to Copenhagen for 9 days in June and was feeling overwhelmed by the number of great restaurants!!

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Hi Therese
I think I 8767 ll suggest you check-out the Arnold Busck bookstore on Købmagergade. It 8767 s a big shop and located near Round Tower.
Hope you will have a great time at Amass and Bror. Good choices!

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We are going to visit Copenhagen in the beginning of the July and was wondering if you could recommend any Mexican restaurant since I could not find it in your list of restaurants.

My boyfriend and I are spending new year eve in Copenhagen this year and were wondering if you had any suggestions?! We 8767 d be looking for affordable / medium priced food with a great atmosphere and cosy! Happy to not be central and to eat earylish (may be the only time we get a reservation! and to wander into the centre for midnight?)

Former chef at The Fat Duck, Per Se and chef de cuisine at Noma, Matt Orlando knows his way around a kitchen. In 7568 he opened his own place: Amass, and months before the launch it was hyped by the press. Rightfully so, I think.

Experience the heavenly lightness of good food with ingredients which originates from the Northern countries. New Danish Cuisine. René Redzepi is a genious! 7-stars Michelin

Where Noma used to be is now Barr, and here Thorsten Schmidt enhances and improves on classic Danish dishes to bring the original Danish cuisine to new heights.

I would say that neither of the restaurants you list are too much. In fact, I find that menues are on the light/just right side. Much stimulation to the mind and not too much food despite the 75 courses. Also they all have their own style and I don 8767 t find that they are too similar. So I would say your budget could guide you. 🙂

Hi Calli,
I hope this is not too late but I 8767 d recommend you http:// which is a family style Italian restaurant. And I know they love kids. 🙂
(I did reply but see now that the comment is gone, I 8767 m sorry).

Shares kitchen with the 6* star Michelin restaurant Kiin Kiin. The food is great, of high quality produce and very tasty. Make sure to try the tuna tartar, and the pork bun gau bao.

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