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Really. Stop validating women because they are hot. If you wouldn 8767 t talk to them if they were ugly, tell them straight up and stop being a lying loser.

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I was married before but tried my luck with online dating. Lets just say, I certainly WILL NOT bother with that medium again.

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She was a model here in Toronto and proceeded to take on the world of professional Dj 8767 s.. she 8767 s pretty famous here and is undoubtedly drop dead gorgeous. Her name is Shannon Just as an example, her fiance, who is a good friend of mine and former classmate, is a very average guy who is barely 5ft8. Not in the greatest shape either. In fact, most of the super awesome incredible babes I knew from the Toronto undergound and trance/house dance scene, all had very super normal, average boyfriends. I too was in the social scene quite a bit in my 75 8767 s and dated lots of 8s and 9 8767 s, from the real life, regular social scenes. I am making a point here though.

I 8767 m sure the clubs are filled with high quality people. Heck, you, along with the rest of the clubbers, are totally not vapid halfwits that couldn 8767 t be honest with each other if you were being paid.

So true. I am trying both at the moment. In one hour of game at the club, I can meet, get physical and makeout and telephone close (sometimes with the option to escalate).
Online, I 8767 ll be lucky if I can get even move her to a date in an hour (fuck an hour, sometimes it takes a week or more). The return is definitely higher in real life.
But there 8767 s something I just love about being able to make those shy, introverted girls fall in love with me without them having even met me. It 8767 s a different (maybe even egotistical) type of game.

It 8767 s not enough to just be attractive, wealthy and have a nicely written profile. The messaging process is incredibly fragile in that one little thing can turn them off and they 8767 ll switch attention to another dick.

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Online dating should only make up about 75% of a man 8767 s game. The other 75% should be spent 8775 raping, pillaging and conquering 8776

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